Application tutorial

Published 18-06-2020

Guide for the online application submission process

  • The initial step for submitting your online application starts with entering the official website of Cambridge International College. Please enter ( ) through your smartphone or computer’s web browser (Google Chrome is recommended);
  • Web browser represents Cambridge International College’s home page. At the top of the right side, you will see the “Apply Now” icon, which leads you to the next step;
  • In the following webpage, you will receive blank spaces for the submission of online application. In  front of each line, there is an explanation regarding the information needed to enter;
  • English is the default language of the site and can be changed at any time;
  • After entering the name and surname, the next step is the email line. It is recommended that you enter your personal email information in this field as accurately as possible. All updates related to the admission process will be sent to email addresses;
  • Once the following lines are filled correctly, you can use the “Entry Semester” option to select the semester that is most convenient for you. The system provides the fall and winter semesters of the academic year for selection;
  • The next line starts by selecting the academic programme. Cambridge International College offers three majors:
    1. Diploma Foundation in Business;
    2. Diploma Foundation in IT;
    3. English for Academic Purposes;
  • If you do not have an IELTS certificate or equivalent degree, you can apply for the internal exam by answering “Yes” to the question field “Do You Require an English Entrance Test?”
  • The next line should include the contact details (name, surname and phone number) of your close person. This information will be used as an additional way to contact you;
  • Finally, one of the final steps is to scan the required documents and upload them into the system. To upload, simply click the “Choose Files” button and attach the Passport, College / Lyceum diploma and application. If you have IELTS or equivalent, you will need to upload scanned form of your certificate as a third document. The total capacity of the files should not exceed 20MB;
  • After checking all your filled lines and submitted documents, press the “Submit” button only once. Note that just one click is enough. If this button is pressed more than once, the application may not be accepted.

Congratulations if you have completed all the above steps correctly and accurately! Your application has been successfully accepted. From now on, you can track your admissions process by checking your email frequently.